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Heart Healthy Choices: 10 Tips For Keeping Your Cholesterol Levels In Check

Are you wondering what you can do to control your cholesterol levels? Are you confused about what your lab results mean? This helpful resource gives you tips for healthy food and exercise choices when you are working on controlling your cholesterol levels, as well as information on understanding lab work.

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Mindful Eating: Developing A Healthy Relationship With Food

Have you ever snacked while watching TV and gotten to the bottom of the bowl before you realized how much you had to eat? Mindful eating can help you become present in the act of eating, develop healthier habits, and fully enjoy the eating experience.

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Is It a Cold or the Flu?

Cold and flu season is upon us, and many a sniffling nose and plenty of sneezes can be heard all around. But do you have the flu, or is it merely a common cold? Here is how to tell which is which, as well as tips on how to feel better.

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