About Our Facility

Our facility has been thoughtfully designed to the smallest detail, so your experience is positive at every point of contact. When it comes to the quality of our facility we make no compromises. For this reason Provital Health and Wellness has only the best qualified staff and state-of-the art equipment always putting patient’s safety and treatment efficacy first. Our staff and registered nurses (RN’s) routinely participate in educational seminars to stay abreast of any medical changes or advances.

Our private consultation rooms feature large LCD monitors where you and the doctor can review your images and results from our electronic medical records together, so you can discuss your medical goals meaningfully and accurately. On the same screen, our Physicians will show you images and information on all the health treatments plans that may benefit you and your lifestyle. Best of all, these comprehensive consultations are not only with your Family physician, the same quality of care and time is spent with each Practitioner you may encounter on your journey to healthy living. So you can be assured your questions will be answered and the recommended treatment plan will be uniquely tailored meet your needs.

Every square foot of our clinic has been painstakenly designed with you in mind – to ensure the most comprehensive and comfortable health care possible.

Want to Learn More? Join us for a Complimentary Tour

If you’d like to see our space for yourself, please feel free to contact us to book a complimentary tour and we’d be happy to show you around and ensure you have all your questions answered.