Calgary Private Clinic

Provital Health & Wellness is a world-class, collaborative health care facility offering Calgarians access to a multi-disciplinary team providing a wide variety of treatments and services. Operating with the basic philosophy that proactive and preventative medicine is superior to reactive treatments, we work in a highly collaborative fashion with our clients to equip them with the tools and understanding necessary to prevent illness and maximize their long-term health. Our conveniently located Calgary private clinic is a fully staffed and equipped private health care facility offering you an entire team of practitioners including physicians, nurses, chiropractor, dietitian, exercise kinesiologist, psychologist, naturopathic doctor, massage therapists, pedorthist, pharmacist and more. Offering the highest quality private health treatments to individuals, families and companies in Calgary, Provital works one-on-one with clients to ensure that they can finally start taking proactive control of their health.

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Calgary Executive Medical

In addition to serving individuals and families in Calgary, Provital offers numerous corporate health services, including complete executive medical packages at discounted corporate rates. Progressive companies providing such proactive health care services to their employees & key executives enjoy numerous benefits, including higher productivity and morale, lower absentee rates, fewer disability claims, reduced turnover & increased loyalty. Like our individual & family private health plans, our executive medical services are always tailored to the unique needs of each individual company. We work with each company to customize its executive health plans, ensuring that they are budgeted efficiently, applied effectively and that both the company and its key employees are seeing maximum benefit.

Calgary Private Health

Provital prides ourselves on providing a truly world-class private health care option to Calgarians looking to be more proactive with their own health. With 24/7 access to physicians and practitioners that are always available to clients for treatment or to answer questions, we are there for you when you need us. We encourage open communication between client and practitioner so that our clients feel engaged with their health as well as being more aware of their own bodies and the medical treatments they are receiving. And best of all, all of our services and team of multi-disciplinary practitioners are located for you in one convenient location – our professionally staffed Calgary private clinic. We create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting, and we pride ourselves on giving clients the time they need, when they need it – to ensure that they always feel secure and informed when it comes to their own health.

As the leading name in Calgary private health care service, Provital always puts your health first.

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