Changing healthcare in Alberta

Founded by our core physician

Dr. Donovan Kreutzer

on a philosophy of practicing preventative and proactive medicine in a truly collaborative setting, we here at Provital
believe we are changing healthcare in Alberta.

Your very own team of specialists – collaborating and focused on your health

That’s right, your very own team all working together and focused on your health and well-being. Enjoy full access to our physicians, physiotherapist, chiropractor, exercise kinesiologists, dietitian, psychologists, massage therapists, pedorthist, pharmacist and more allied partner specialists. With so many health issues interrelated, it just makes sense to offer a truly collaborative team to help you with all these aspects of your health.

On time, no rush appointments

No more waiting to see your physician and feeling rushed during your visits. Physician appointments can typically be booked for next (or even same) day and in minimum of 30 minute increments so you are always ensured the time you need.

24/7 physician access – whenever you need it… just a phone call away

At Provital Heath & Wellness Ltd, your health is our priority. Our team of dedicated physicians is available 24/7, ensuring that you have access to immediate care in emergencies. Whether you’re facing an urgent health issue, or require urgent assistance our physicians are here to provide you prompt support. Your well-being is our concern, and we are here to assist you without delay.

Your own personalized health & wellness plan – tailored to your unique needs

Every client undergoes our exclusive head-to-toe, 4-hour Comprehensive Health Assessment in order to get a very thorough picture of your health today. Based on that initial assessment performed by our team of specialists, our team then collaborates and develops your very own customized health and wellness plan for you moving forward.

Preventative screening always a priority

Preventative screening always a priority

Because we are proactive in our approach to healthcare, our focus on preventative medicine and advanced screening tests and techniques allows us to be able to catch & prevent potential health concerns for you as early as possible. We can even do much of your lab work on site to save you time in your busy day.

Never be left in the dark again – standard post-visit follow-ups & education

Never be left in the dark again – standard post-visit follow-ups & education

We simply do not believe that no news is good news – we follow up with you after every test and appointment just to ensure any questions you may have are answered. We want you to be engaged and proactive with your own health and so we also promote client education through regular newsletters, seminars, workshops, boot camps and more.

Convenient all-in-one location & FREE parking –your entire team all under one roof

Convenient all-in-one location & FREE parking –your entire team all under one roof

Relax and enjoy our warmly decorated, amenity-filled facility as we make all your visits as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Enjoy true one-on-one care from each of our team members and enjoy collaborative healthcare the way it was meant to be.

Our Primary Goal

Offering world-class collaborative health care

Our unique collaborative care clinic concept was built on, and is driven by, the core philosophy of our founding physicians



Our clients will be assured timely appointments and will be given the time they need with our physicians and specialists and will never feel rushed. Open client communication with our entire team is encouraged and each client will never feel left in the dark when it comes to their healthcare ever again.



Our clients will receive true collaborative care from our entire team of specialists in order to better their overall health & wellness. We will continue to expand our breadth of specialists and services to our clients to meet their needs and we will educate, support and coach our clients every step of the way in helping them reach their health & wellness goals.



Our clients will never doubt that their health comes first as we will work diligently to advocate their cases with outside specialists and other external bodies when needed. We will always spend the time that is needed to ensure our clients health is always looked after – even outside of our own clinic.

Our Vision

Our vision is simply to offer Calgarians another option for their healthcare

With many Calgarians finding it more and more difficult to find a family physician, and others increasingly unsatisfied and frustrated with the healthcare they are currently receiving, our vision is simply to offer Calgarians another option for their healthcare. Our team-focused, collaborative care concept may not be for everyone – but we feel that every Calgarian should be aware of their options for their own healthcare and be able to make an informed decision on what makes sense for them personally.

Our Clinic Philosophy

Provital Health and Wellness will offer one-on-one personalized healthcare that is tailored to each client and their family’s lifestyles and health concerns. Our team of physicians and specialists are dynamic, proactive, and always focused on your unique health needs. Provital Health and Wellness offers clients an alternate option to traditional medicine while maintaining its core traditional values – where your health comes first.

Our Clinic Goals

  • Provide world-class health and wellness services to our clients.
  • Clients and their families will never feel rushed or neglected.
  • Clients with receive personal one-on-one attentive care and follow up.
  • Prompt and timely appointments and consultations with our physicians and practitioners.
  • 24/7 physician availability and no-rush consultations with physicians and specialists.
  • Ongoing sourcing of new rotating specialists to offer better and more comprehensive health care to our clients.
  • To provide ongoing education for our clients so that they can be more proactive with their own health